A loyal lab mix named Egypt was honored for scaring away a Seattle intruder while sustaining injuries to her paws.

Police responded to the sound of barking and saw a broken window and pool of blood inside the home.

They found Egypt bleeding, apparently injured by shattered glass from the window the intruder broke.

She was taken to an emergency veterinarian clinic, where she had surgery for torn tendons, and is now recovering at home.

PETA honored Egypt with a "Heroic Dog" award for her bravery and toughness.

Seattle also police bestowed on her a Compassionate Police Department award and box of vegan cookies.

"Egypt was doing her job which was to protect our house which she has always thought of as her job so she was doing great and I'm very glad that she did that, but I'm more glad that police took the initiative to come inside and look for her because she was really hurt," owner Emily Mosites told reporters.

Watch the report above.

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