Police in Auburn Hills, Mich., have released shocking footage of a woman using her car as a weapon as she flees what would have been a routine traffic stop.

It all began when Officer Martin Mikolajczak pulled the woman over for driving with a suspended license, Heather Nauert reported Friday on "Fox and Friends."

The situation escalated quickly from there.

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Dashcam video shows the driver, Breianna Smart, resisting as the officer tries to handcuff her.

She’s heard talking on the phone as the cop asks her to put the phone away.

“Can you come up here to the gas station? He’s harassing me. He’s putting his hands up on me,” says Smart.

“He’s touching me. He’s hurt – He’s hitting on me. You need to come up here,” she continues.

Smart then gets into the car and struggles with the police officer as he tries to pull her out of the vehicle.

What Smart does next is what police say led to her being charged with felony assault, rather than a misdemeanor.

With the officer still standing by the open door, Smart throws the car in reverse – knocking him to the ground and speeding away.

She was arrested shortly after.

Officer Mikolajczak has been treated for his injuries and is now back on the job.

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