In a move to “intensify” the fight against the Islamic State, the Obama administration has just authorized somewhere below 50 special operations personnel to head to Syria.

The forces are to provide assistance, advice and training, said the White House.

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Press Secretary Josh Earnest said the operation would be “focused on enhancing the capacity of moderate opposition forces on the ground.”

“The fact is, our strategy in Syria hasn’t changed,” he said.

While the administration would not elaborate on the exact number of troops being sent or their activities, it said the mission would bolster “elements of our strategy that have shown some promise,” such as launching airstrikes and resupplying local forces.

The U.S. is also in talks with the Iraqi government to form a task force against IS.

“Make no mistake, they will be in combat,” said Fox News’ National Security Correspondent Jennifer Griffin. “Just like they were during the recent hostage raid… that left a Delta force operator dead in Iraq.”

Today’s announcement only left behind more questions: How will the U.S. define its success? What is the political goal here? Are more deployments to come?

At the heart of it all, said Jenna Lee on Happening Now, people want to know whether this means the U.S. is now going to war in Syria.

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