Police in Las Vegas are reopening their investigation into the death of a spa worker linked to a controversial new weight-loss practice known as cryotherapy.

Three people found Chelsea Ake-Salvacion inside the cooling chamber last week, Trace Gallagher said on The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson Friday.

Authorities had initially closed the employee's case without a criminal investigation, saying her death was unsuspicious.

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But the spa received a stop work order this week as officials said that the chamber wasn’t licensed to perform procedures, Fox News reported this week.

The treatment involves placing people inside the chamber, which uses nitrogen gas to cool temperatures to as low as -240 degrees.

Customers are typically supposed to go in for around three minutes at a time, and no one is allowed to enter the chamber alone.

Ake-Salvacion was inside for 10 hours. She had texted her boyfriend beforehand saying she was going to do the treatment.

Whether she froze to death or breathed in too much nitrogen gas is yet to be determined, officials say.

For more on this tragic story and the dramatic 911 calls made by those who found Ake-Salvacion, watch the clip above.

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