Hillary Clinton recently told The Boston Globe that she would give President Obama an "A," praising his handling of the economy.

"I'd give him an 'A.' I don't think he gets the credit he deserves for saving our economy from falling into a great depression, for saving the auto industry which represents millions of jobs up and down the supply chain, for beginning the crackdown on Wall Street abuses with Dodd-Frank, for getting the Affordable Care Act passed, for really being as responsive as he could possibly be given the obstructionism that he faced with the Republicans in Congress," Clinton said.

On "Varney & Co.," Tammy Bruce said she would give Obama an "F" and Clinton a "D" for "deluded."

She pointed to stagnant economic growth, record numbers of Americans out of the workforce and the fact that a majority of Americans have less money in their accounts than they did before the economic crash in 2008.

"The left will continue to say their fantasy," Bruce said. "And business people have to make sure, and this network has to make sure, that people know the truth of what's been happening."

Watch more above and see Clinton's interview with The Boston Globe below.

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