Colleges are now urging their students to check with school officials on whether their Halloween costumes are politically correct.

Both State University of New York Geneseo and Wesleyan University have designated “sensitivity consultants,” Fox and Friends reported Friday.

SUNY Geneseo’s campaign says the holiday is an opportunity to “show your true face.”

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“Being a member of Geneseo comes with responsibilities,” reads one flyer. “So think about your actions and costume for Halloween.”

Schools aren’t the only ones policing conduct this Halloween.

In Hollywood, silly string is banned on the holiday due to expensive cleanup costs and its role in provoking street fights, according to Mother Jones.

Anyone who sprays the string in those 24 hours risks being charged with a fine, jail time and possibly a misdemeanor, said Fox News’ legal analyst Peter Johnson Jr.

And in Walnut Creek, Calif., residents aren’t allowed to wear masks on the street – that is, without getting a permit from the sheriff.

That may be one notch better than Canadian regulations, which subject anyone to jail time for pretending to be a witch.

Find out more about these bizarre Halloween laws in the clip above.

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