Ted Cruz says every Republican debate should be moderated by people who would “vote in a Republican primary.”

It’s “one of the most ridiculous things,” he said in an interview with Sean Hannity after the third GOP debate on Wednesday.

“No one in their right minds thinks any of the moderators actually will vote in a Republican primary,” said the Texas senator. “In my view, the Republican primary debates ought to be moderated by people who will vote in a primary.”

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That way, the line of questioning would “focus on our vision for America,” he added, citing his own newly announced tax plan as an example.

Cruz criticized CNBC’s debate moderators last night, winning him huge applause and praise on social media. 

Their questions, he said onstage, “illustrate why the American people don’t trust the media. This is not a cage match.”

“We’ve seen now over and over again, where the media, they are the Democrats’ cheerleaders,” said Cruz. “Every question is an insult, every question is an attack, every question is asking one Republican to attack another Republican. You know, they don’t do that to the Democrats.”

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