On a day in which a new House Speaker was elected, we heard from another House Speaker on "Outnumbered." 

Former congressman Newt Gingrich gave us his thoughts on the winners and losers of last night's GOP debate. 

Gingrich singled out Jeb Bush for criticism, arguing that the former Florida governor took the worst of an exchange with Marco Rubio. 

Bush went after the Florida senator for missing votes in D.C. due to his presidential campaign. 

Rubio, who is not running for re-election to the Senate, quickly pointed out that Bush never criticized John McCain for missed Senate votes.

"Someone has convinced you that attacking me is gonna help you. ... My campaign is gonna be about the future of America. It's not gonna be about attacking anyone else on this stage," he coolly responded.

Gingrich said he's not sure what Bush was trying to accomplish, 

"I'm sure his staff had some kind of clever strategy, but you can't go into a debate with a previous game plan and implement it. Debates are like jazz. You have to follow the rhythm and the mood. And then if it feels right, do it. But if it doesn't feel right - even if your advisers are all excited - don't do it," he said.

He pointed to Ted Cruz and Rubio as the winners of the night. 

Gingrich said that Rubio's biggest strength is that he's very likeable, adding that the odds of Rubio being on the Republican ticket are "reasonably high." 

"In television - as Ronald Reagan understood and Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale didn't - being likeable is about 80 percent of the business. They'll listen to your words after they decide they like you," he said.

Gingrich pointed out that Frank Luntz's panel of voters gave Cruz a record-high score for his takedown of the GOP moderators' questions, saying, Cruz had an "amazing night."

Watch the full discussion above.

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