Trace Gallagher fact-checked the third GOP debate tonight on "The Kelly File."

During the debate, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio defended his record of missing 34 percent of Senate votes by claiming that other presidential candidates had also missed votes.

Gallagher reported that this was accurate, as Barack Obama (32 percent), John McCain (52 percent) and John Kerry (61 percent) also missed a significant number of votes.

Rubio was also pressed on his personal financial problems, including intermingling campaign and personal funds, facing foreclosure on a second home and liquidating a retirement fund.

He claimed these were all "discredited attacks," but Gallagher reported that, in fact, they were all accurate.

When Donald Trump was confronted with his assertion that Rubio was "Mark Zuckerberg's personal senator," because he was in favor of H-1B visas, the GOP front-runner denied it.

But, as Gallagher pointed out, that was actually true and is even plainly spelled out on Trump's website.

Dr. Ben Carson's 15 percent flat tax plan was also questioned, and the Independent Tax Policy Center found that Carson's numbers simply don't add up.

Even Forbes Magazine, with a conservative editor-in-chief, said that the flat tax would have to be at least 17 percent, Gallagher reported.

Watch the "Kelly File" focus group react above.

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