A schoolteacher in Katy, Texas, is coming under fire after allegedly telling a seventh grader that God isn’t real.

It all began when the teacher assigned a quiz asking students to label statements as “fact, assertion, or opinion,” Heather Nauert reported on Wednesday.

Among the statements were “America is the most free country on Earth,” and “there is a God.”

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Twelve-year-old Jordan Wooley, a student at West Memorial Junior High School, told local station KHOU-TV that she labeled the latter as either “fact” or “opinion.”

“I tried to reference things such as the Bible, and stories that I’ve read before from people who’ve died and gone to heaven,” she testified at the school district’s Board of Education meeting on Monday.

“She told me that both were just things that people were doing to get attention.”

It didn’t end there.

Jordan’s reading teacher told her to admit God isn’t real, she said.

“A kid was literally graded against her faith in God in a classroom,” Jordan’s mother declared.

District officials have since apologized, saying the assignment was “ill-conceived.”

While they have vowed to discipline the teacher, they say it is important not to vilify her in this context.

See video below of Wooley's remarks to the school board.

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