Police in Philadelphia are looking for two suspects - a man and a woman - who tried to rob a train passenger while he was sleeping. 

In the ensuing struggle, the man was tasered, causing him to fall onto the tracks. 

Police say the attack began at 12:50am Sunday while the man slept on the SEPTA train.

The man woke up when the male suspect grabbed a bag from him and the couple then tried to run off the train as it came to a halt. 

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They didn't get far. The victim quickly chased down the male suspect on the platform, pinning him to the ground. 

At that point, the female suspect used a stun gun on the man.


When he jumped up, the two pushed him and he fell backwards, flipping onto the tracks.

The victim was treated for non life-threatening injuries at a local hospital.

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Anyone with information on the two suspects (pictured above) is asked to call 911.

Watch the report from "Fox and Friends" below. 

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