Despite thousands of dollars pouring into preventive measures and a community on high alert, residents of one Oregon city are growing increasingly wary of what looks to be an all-out deer takeover.

The critters have commandeered sidewalks and crosswalks. They’ve evaded new fences put up, barreled into people, and at times, even chased them, Dan Springer reported Wednesday on "Happening Now."

So serious is the situation that the city of Ashland put together a “Deer Summit” recently to discuss the problem and allow people to share accounts of various confrontations.

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About a dozen people said they are now afraid of the deer after being followed or having their dogs attacked.

Others complain of deer damaging their property or eating their plants.

But while this pattern of aggression would typically lead to organized deer kills in other towns – the only solution Fish and Wildlife officials say would work – Ashland is unique.

The majority of residents are reluctant to kill, instead offering up alternative methods such as relocating the deer or even giving them contraceptives.

Officials, however, say that won’t work.

The only way out, they say, is to kill around 50 deer per year and make them afraid of humans again.

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