On a special, post-debate "O'Reilly Factor" tonight, Charles Krauthammer said that he would give the gold, silver and bronze medals to Marco Rubio, Chris Christie and Ted Cruz, respectively, for their performances.

He said it was interesting that it was the first "non-Trump-centric" debate, which allowed the strength of the other candidates to shine.

Krauthammer said that even though Rubio was on the defensive for much of the debate, he pivoted and came off very well.

He added that Christie was also very effective at pivoting, pointing to his response to a question about fantasy football, in which the New Jersey governor said there are more important issues to address.

"If you pull back and you look at the field, you say this was a good day for the GOP," Krauthammer said. "They showed the strength of the field. You compare it to the three Democrats and there's no comparison."

Get more insight from Krauthammer above, including who he thinks didn't come off as well in the debate.

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