UPDATE: The officer seen in the video above was fired Wednesday.

Shocking cell video shows a white police officer slamming a black female high school student who'd been seated at her desk to the ground and throwing her across the floor of a South Carolina classroom before arresting her.

It's unclear from the video what prompted the school resource officer to take such aggressive action against the Spring Valley student.

The Richland County sheriff said Deputy Ben Fields was responding to a student who refused orders to get up and leave the classroom.

The description from a YouTube video posted by student Reginald Seabrooks says that the officer "is a cool dude" and "not racist."

The student was arrested for disturbing schools and released to the custody of her parents.

The sheriff's office is asking the FBI and DOJ to conduct an investigation. Fields is on administrative leave pending the investigation.

The deputy has been the subject of other lawsuits, one of which is ongoing and accuses him of targeting African-American students.

But last year he received recognition from his department for being a good role model.

Watch the video above.

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