Law enforcement officials are celebrating as several recent bank robberies across the East Coast have culminated in the capture of what some are calling “the modern-day Bonnie and Clyde.”

A husband and wife were arrested by Pennsylvania State Police after a dramatic car chase across state lines on Monday. Authorities say they were both 37 and reportedly heroin addicts.

Joseph and Jennifer Carrier are accused of robbing as many as five banks over the past few months, Laura Ingle reported on “Happening Now.”

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Investigators say they looted about $10,000 on a crime spree stretching from Florida to Massachusetts.

Jennifer is also accused of stealing an SUV shortly before the couple’s final bank raid in Wilmington, Del.

The couple then fled to Pennsylvania, where they eventually crashed into several vehicles near the Philadelphia International Airport and were then intercepted by state police, said Det. Sgt. Louis Tulik from the Ludlow Police Dept.

“This is probably the happiest I’ve been in 30 days,” said Tulik.

The couple had been staying with family in Massachusetts before recently being kicked out of the house. They embarked on the run from authorities alongside their seven dogs, officials say.

No word on where the dogs are now.

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