Mark Eiglarsh and Arthur Aidala got heated on "The Kelly File" tonight while debating a shocking cell phone video that shows a white police officer slamming a black female high school student to the ground and throwing her across the classroom floor.

Aidala said that any reasonable person who sees the video would agree that it's a case of excessive force and at least civil battery.

"This is a travesty," Aidala said.

Eiglarsh acknowledged that he doesn't endorse the officer's actions, but he pointed out that the student had caused a disturbance in the classroom, which is a misdemeanor in South Carolina.

He added that she also refused to leave the classroom, ignoring the teacher, the assistant principal and the law enforcement officer, before committing a felony by hitting the officer.

Aidala countered that any parent would be horrified and angered if their child was treated like that by an authority figure.

"It's disturbing to watch," Aidala stated.

Eiglarsh asserted that many people, including Aidala, are trying to make it a civil rights investigation because of the respective races of the student and officer.

"Is that all it takes now?" Eiglarsh asked. "With nothing additional, is that all it takes, Arthur?"

Watch more above.

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