Willie Robertson still "likes me some Trump," but he's not throwing all his support behind a single candidate just yet.

The "Duck Dynasty" star dropped in on "Fox and Friends" to talk about politics, faith and his new hunting book.

Robertson said political outsiders like Donald Trump and Ben Carson are appealing because they talk "like a normal person and not just in political soundbites."

"And that's what I love about Trump," Robertson said. "Like him or hate him, he's authentic."

The reality star businessman joined the billionaire Republican last month for a rally in Oklahoma.

Robertson said he also still likes the governor of his home state of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal, but that "Bobby needs to take a stand and do something."

"I'm like everybody else. I'm still watching and waiting. I'm seeing how this thing shapes up. There's a ton of guys."

Watch the full interview above.

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