The New York Times is facing accusations of sexism for some parts of a recent article about Carly Fiorina's tenure as Hewlett-Packard CEO. 

The article drew upon interviews with 25 people who worked for Fiorina, attempting to paint a picture of her management style.

Critics called out the following passage, for example: 

Those who worked with her described an exhilarating, blunt, self-punishing figure who stayed in the office until 1 a.m. (and expected aides to do the same) — a boss who could be warm, even nurturing, but who could abruptly turn cold and unforgiving.

Some argued that the description would never have been used to describe a male corporate executive.

Andrea Tantaros, Julie Roginsky and Sandra Smith all agreed on "Outnumbered" today that this stuff would not be written about a male boss, even a Republican. 

"I know Carly Fiorina doesn't play the victim, unlike Hillary Clinton. So she's not gonna come out and call it sexist, but I will. I think it's really sexist that they wrote that," said Tantaros, noting that the same reporter did a "more glowing" piece about Mitt Romney when he was running for president.

Watch the discussion above and let us know your thoughts: do you see the article as sexist?

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