A recent survey by the Cornell University newspaper found that 96 percent of faculty political donations have gone to Democrats over the past four years.

Jesse Watters decided to visit the university to see what's behind that lack of political diversity among the school's faculty. Unfortunately, he soon found himself sideways with the university's media relations department.

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According to this report, 96 percent of political donations by the faculty here went to Democrats.

"What's wrong with that?"

Do you ever feel that the professors are pushing a political agenda?

"I've got friends who are liberal arts majors. They write a paper and they bring up a conservative viewpoint, they won't get a good grade."

Are Cornell professors pushing a political agenda?

"If I want an 'A,' I tailor my papers to how the professor leans." 

Do the professors pass around doobies in class?

"Maybe that I don't know about."

Can I buy you a "Make America Great Again" hat?

"Absolutely not. You can't buy me anything."


"Ok, this got weird."

We ask that you do not interview students on campus.

"We have his permission. Cornell doesn't have a problem with Fox News, does it?"

"Absolutely not."

Would you grant us permission to interview students if they grant us permission to do the interview?

"Not on campus at this time."

"It says here you guys have the power to grant us permission to shoot on campus."

"We do. I'm not."

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