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Posted by Jamie Higdon Randolph on Thursday, October 15, 2015


A Tennessee woman's colorful PSA on leggings is a big hit.

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The video by Jamie Higdon Randolph in which she dishes out leggings dos and dont's in a thick Tennessee accent has been been viewed more than 12 million times.

She says in the video that she's issuing the PSA because she's noticed a trend of women wearing the legwear as they would pants or pantyhose.

"Some of you people like to wear leggin's as britches - as pants-pants. That ain't how they're supposed to be wore."

Randolph also discourages white-colored leggings.

"Them's a big oh-no-no. You can see all kinds of stuff through them."

Watch the video above.

UPDATE: Randolph spoke to Kimberly Guilfoyle on "Fox and Friends" to share the story behind the viral video.

Randolph said that about two weeks ago she borrowed her daughter's leggings because the air was cool and her own were still in winter storage.

They didn't fit quite right.

So Randolph decided to make a video riffing on all the wrong ways women wear leggings.

"I make public service announcements all the time, so that was just my public service announcement that day," Higdon said.

She said that some people took the wrong message from the video thinking she was trying to dissuade women from wearing leggings at all.

"I have nothing against leggings," Randolph said, noting she was wearing them during the very interview.

"It's just wearing them properly. Make sure your tail is covered. Make sure you cannot see anything through them. Then you'll be fine."

Watch the interview below.

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