A liberal radio host countered sensationalist headlines that claimed Chris Christie was booted from the quiet car of an Amtrak train yesterday.

The story first appeared on Gawker with a headline saying he was "kicked off an Amtrak car for screaming on his phone."

It was quickly seized upon by other outlets, including the New York Times, who ran with a headline saying Christie was "creating a clamor." 

But an unlikely figure has come to the governor's defense and forced them to change their stories.

Katie Klabusich, a Netroots Radio host and feminist writer, said she was sitting at the same table as Christie in the quiet car and that Gawker got the story completely wrong.

She said that Christie was actually "super courteous" when he realized he was in the wrong car.

She said the governor appeared "annoyed," as anyone would have been in that situation, but that he never screamed or caused a scene.

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