Lt. Col. Oliver North joined Sean Hannity tonight to react to a new video allegedly showing a daring rescue mission carried out last week by U.S. and Kurdish forces on an ISIS prison in Iraq.

According to the Pentagon, the raid was ordered after intel showed that graves had been prepared for 70 hostages.

Master Sgt. Joshua L. Wheeler died helping Kurdish forces successfully charge into the compound, becoming the first U.S. casualty in Iraq since U.S. forces pulled out in 2011.

Strangely, in a press conference, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter denied it was a combat mission.

"It's hard to explain much of what goes on in this administration," North said. "The American people need to know the death of Master Sgt. Wheeler in a raid against hostile forces is a combat fatality."

He explained that the classical definition of a hero is someone who puts himself or herself at risk for the benefit of others, which certainly defines Wheeler.

"The president ought to personally offer the thanks of a grateful nation for such selfless sacrifice," North stated, adding that no matter what the administration calls it, going on a raid on a raid with indigenous forces is combat.

"They can't name our enemy as radical Islamist jihadis. They can't call war what it really is."

Watch more above.

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