On "Hannity" tonight, Mark Steyn said that Jeb Bush's response to Donald Trump's attacks appeared to be a case of "whiny, rich boy petulance."

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Steyn pointed out that this isn't a monarchy and Bush isn't the crown prince.

He added that this goes to show how effectively Trump has destroyed Bush's strategy of being the moderate, donors' choice candidate.

"Trump has basically run rings around him all summer," Steyn said. "If he can't stand up to Trump, is he going to have to go back and see mommy and daddy when Putin's rude to him or when the Ayatollah Khamenei says, 'Death to Bush?'"

Steyn explained that at the heart of Trump's "low-grade insults" is actually a very subtle strategy for undermining his opponents.

"You can't turn Jeb Bush into Trump, but right now Jeb Bush isn't even very good at being Jeb Bush."

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