On "The Five" today, Greg Gutfeld reacted to filmmaker Quentin Tarantino taking part in an anti-police protest over the weekend, mere days after an NYPD officer was murdered by a suspect he was pursuing.

"Randolph Holder was killed by the kind of dirtbag Tarantino usually embraces in his flicks," Gutfeld said. "It's easy to glam up thuggery in a fantasy land where the violence can't touch you. And when cops in real life protect you."

Gutfeld said that Tarantino wants the left to love him, so he cultivates his "outsider" persona.

"The police union urges a film boycott. But in this era of sanctuary cities, why not invite Quentin to set up a police-free community, where people like him can live and work without cops?" Gutfeld suggested.

"Carve out a small corner of Chicago, where we can then place bets. In that cop-free world, will it be his film or himself that gets shot first?"

Watch the "Five" co-hosts discuss above.

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