A Christian high school quarterback was flagged by the referee when he showed a simple sign of faith by briefly raising a finger to the sky after scoring a 73-yard touchdown.

17-year-old Dante Turo of Syracuse, NY, told "Fox and Friends" that he was only trying to give praise to God.

"Pointing up to God is kind of an international symbol of giving praise to Jesus, and that's all I was trying to do," Duro said.

But the ref cited him for unsportsmanlike conduct. The team was penalized 15 yards and went on to lose the game.

Fox News Religion Contributor Father Jonathan Morris said the ref either made a major mistake in misinterpreting Turo's gesture, or was trying to push an ideology that was not rational, because Turo was clearly not taunting or celebrating excessively.

Morris said that the referees association needs to explain the official's reasoning, calling the decision an attack on faith that needs to be fought, maybe in the courtroom.

"Every one of these cases is an opportunity for us as a country and locally to make sure that that we don't let the name and the voice of God be wiped off the face of the Earth," Morris said. "Some people would like to do it. I don't know if the referee was doing it, but he should just come out and say 'I made a mistake.'"

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