On "Fox News Sunday," Republican candidate Dr. Ben Carson cleared up confusion over the idea that he wanted to dismantle Medicare, saying "that's completely false."  

Carson said he wants to give people the choice to convert to a new system of health savings accounts that's "so much better than anything else that they will flock to it."

"I do not believe in imposing things upon people," Carson said. "I believe in presenting things that are so attractive that people will very quickly migrate to them."

Wallace said he was a "little confused," asking what could make people want to leave Medicare for this new system.

Carson said the health savings accounts would give people more control over their own health care and "cut out the middle man," letting dollars that were tied up in a government system go further.

He said people would be able to divert money they'd be receiving from Medicare into this account, but that there'd be no additional money beyond what people wish to contribute themselves.

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