Three of America's top young scientists showed off their awe-inspiring inventions on "Fox and Friends."

14-year-old Hannah Herbst is the Grand Prize Winner of the Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge.

Her probe converts the kinetic movement of ocean currents into stored energy that can be used to power batteries or filter water.

She said she was inspired by her Ethiopian penpal to create a device that could bring energy and fresh water to impoverished parts of the world "so that all of the world can have power."

13-year-old First Runner-Up Raghav Ganesh's device measures stress factors and alerts a person with autism and their caregiver when they might be at risk for a meltdown.

He hopes his invention will help many people in daily situations.

And 12-year-old Second Runner-Up Amulya Garimella's headset measures brainwaves and sends the wearer an alert when they're getting distracted to remind them to get back to work.

The world thanks these kids for their terrific scientific contributions. Keep up the good work!