Megyn Kelly called out media outlets for crowning Hillary Clinton the undisputed victor following the Republican-led Benghazi hearing on Thursday while overlooking a "bombshell" email to the Egyptian prime minister.

Kelly played clips of Clinton and other administration officials repeating a talking point that the Sept. 11, 2012 attack was the result of extremists hijacking a protest of an anti-Islam video that had sparked other protests in the region.

She highlighted a Sept. 14 meeting between Clinton and family members of those killed in the attack, in which Clinton reportedly directly blamed the video's producer for the deaths.

But newly unveiled emails show that just two days prior, Clinton had been telling people, like the Egyptian PM, that the film had nothing to do with the attack.

At the hearing, Clinton explained that she had been going by an Islamist group's claim that they had carried out the attack, which they retracted the next day.

But Kelly said the email proves Clinton knew the film wasn't to blame.

"And yet she and others looked into the cameras and again and again told us a different story," Kelly said.

"To watch most of the media you would think we never saw that email," Kelly said. "To the contrary, the messaging was 'She won, it's over, move on.'"

Kelly then played a barrage of clips showing the favorable press coverage.

Watch her report on "The Kelly File" and discussion with Chris Stirewalt and Howard Kurtz above.

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