This death of a NYPD police officer didn't seem to weigh on the minds of protesters rallying against "police brutality and murder" in Times Square just two days after Officer Randolph Holder was gunned down in Harlem.

Holder, a 33-year-old Guyanese immigrant, was the fourth NYPD officer to die in the line of duty in the past 11 months.

Reacting on "Fox and Friends," Randy Sutton, a former Las Vegas police officer and national spokesperson for the American Council on Public Safety, said "Rise Up October" protesters fill him with disgust at how they dehumanize police officers.

He also said that Black Lives Matter and associated movements are "counterfeit movements" because they are "based on the lies of Ferguson and the fiction that there is institutionalized police racism."

Sutton said the protesters have shown that they "really don't care about humanity at all, as they protest even before a brave police officer is buried."

Holder's funeral will be held Tuesday and is expected to be attended by thousands of police officers.

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