(Photo Credit: Associated Press/Evan Vucci)

After Hillary Clinton's appearance before the House Select Committee on Benghazi, Fox News Channel has can't-miss reaction to her long-awaited testimony.

Greta Van Susteren gets insight on where the investigation goes from here from Ed Henry, Catherine Herridge and more. "On The Record" starts at 7p ET.

Then at 8p ET, Bill weighs in on "The O'Reilly Factor," with more reaction from Dana Perino and Bernie Goldberg, and a special Watters' World: Benghazi edition.

Megyn Kelly will get fair and balanced analysis from committee member Jim Jordan, Robert Zimmerman and Jeb Bush. It's a must-see "Kelly File" at 9p ET.

Then at 10p ET, "Hannity" has more powerful reaction from Marco Rubio, Rudy Giuliani and a family member of one of the Benghazi victims.

Tune in to Fox News Channel tonight, starting at 7p ET!

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