Patricia Smith, mother of Benghazi victim Sean Smith, told Megyn Kelly tonight that Hillary Clinton's testimony before the House Select Benghazi Committee revealed that Clinton is a liar.

Smith noted an email that Clinton wrote on the night of the terror attack, telling her family that an "al Qaeda-like group" had attacked.

Smith said that destroys the narrative of an anti-Islam video causing the attack, even though Clinton, President Obama, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and others had told her that at her son's casket ceremony.

"She lies! Very simple. She is not telling the truth. She's trying to push her own agenda through," Smith stated.

Smith added that whenever she tries to get more details about her son's death, she is told that she's not entitled to that information because she isn't a "member of the immediate family."

"I've got to know what happened," Smith said. "They don’t tell me. I still don’t know. The government has never told me. They have never contacted me, and I've got to know. That was my only child."

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