A Canadian town is coming together to give a terminally ill seven-year-old boy one last Christmas to enjoy.

The family of Evan Leversage put out a call to the people of St. George, Ontario, to put up their Christmas lights and decorations. 

Doctors notified the family recently that Evan, who has battled brain cancer for the last five years, is not likely to make it to Christmas this year.

His family members took to Facebook to ask folks if they wouldn't mind lighting up the town a little early for Evan. 

Many quickly obliged, hanging signs, lights, and even singing Christmas carols for Evan. A parade is scheduled to go past Evan's house on Saturday. 

"It's pretty crazy. A lot of people have really went above and beyond," said his mother, Nicole Wellwood.

Evan underwent 70 weeks of chemotherapy after being diagnosed at age 2. He seemed to be on his way to recovery, but in January, doctors discovered another brain tumor. 

He underwent another 30 rounds of chemo in April, but it failed to stop the tumors from spreading.

Check out some pictures below and see more on the One Last Christmas Facebook page.

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