Megyn Kelly and Hillary Clinton supporter Robert Zimmerman got heated on "The Kelly File" while discussing Clinton's testimony at today's Benghazi hearing.

Zimmerman said that he, many Americans and many members of Congress are appalled by the partisan posturing of the Benghazi committee.

Megyn confronted Zimmerman with one of Clinton's emails, which the then-secretary of state wrote to the Egyptian Prime Minister, revealing that they knew at that time that the Benghazi terror attack had nothing to do with an anti-Islam video.

Zimmerman claimed that Clinton turned over all her emails when asked and pointed out that she previously testified before Congress for seven hours.

"Robert, that's dodging," Megyn countered. "I'm telling you, as a lawyer, this is an admission that is directly contrary to what she was representing to the families and to the public."

"That doesn't change any of the facts," Zimmerman said, reiterating his belief that it's a partisan committee trying to smear Clinton.

"It doesn't change the facts. It only confirms that she knew facts different than the ones she was publicly representing," Megyn said.

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