Judge Andrew Napolitano said on "Special Report" tonight that Hillary Clinton may have hurt herself during her testimony before the House Select Committee on Benghazi today.

He explained that she should have been thinking about addressing three audiences: the members of Congress present at the hearing, the American public and 25 FBI agents and investigators in the Justice Department who are looking into her private email server.

Judge Napolitano said that she may have forgotten about the third group, which is examining her testimony for material misrepresentations, willingness to deceive, actual material lies and how many different versions of events she has given.

"I suggest to you that they found a field day today," Judge Napolitano said. "Remember, she can be prosecuted for misleading Congress as well as for lying to Congress. She is under oath. This is not a political rally."

"I think the FBI has a lot more to go on today as a result of this testimony, because she forgot about that third and hidden audience."

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