Judge Andrew Napolitano explained on "Hannity" that in his view, there's no "conceivable" way that Hillary Clinton could have believed that there was no classified information in her private emails.

The judge pointed out that the travel plans of Amb. Chris Stevens in Libya were contained in the emails, along with the names of undercover CIA officers.

"How could she say those weren't classified?" he asked.

Clinton has insisted that she did not send or receive information on her private email server that was classified at that time.

The judge said he sees Clinton's legal position as being "somewhere between grave and worse than grave."

Hannity asked the judge what he thinks will happen if FBI Director James Comey wants to move forward with charges against Clinton, but Attorney General Loretta Lynch refuses to proceed.

Napolitano said if that happens, he believes senior FBI officials may resign in protest and possibly even leak information on the case.

"The case will be so damning, the political effect will be the same as if they had sought an indictment," said Napolitano. 

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