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When a Texas police officer pulled over a car last weekend, he saw a very troubling thing: three young children were in the back with no car seats.

Cedar Park Officer Justin Gower stopped the father at a gas station for an expired registration and a malfunctioning light. Knowing that fellow officer Cale Hawkins knew about the man's financial struggles, he requested his help during the stop.

Hawkins and Gower knew that the father could not afford three seats for the kids, ages 1, 3, and 4.

Rather than give the man citations for each missing seat, the officers decided the best thing to do was to buy three car seats. Other shift officers chipped in and the officers went to Walmart to buy the seats. 

"They’re trying to get things going, they’re going in the right direction, and to issue them three citations for each child, would just devastate them," said Gower.

Police said the man was living in his car at one point and on that day, was using all his money for a hotel room for himself and the children.

"It was nothing short of a miracle. It was something that was really needed. The officers have been a blessing," the grateful father said.

Watch the report from KXAN-TV above.

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