A North Carolina teen has said that listening to Taylor Swift songs helped her regain her memory after she suffered several strokes a few years ago.

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Now, 19-year-old Charli Robertson will get to personally thank the international pop star at a concert in Greensboro.

Robertson suffers from cerebral palsy and in 2012, her seizures were so bad that she lost her memory. 

Doctors were running out of options, but her mom says when she started to play the Swift songs, her daughter's memory started to come back in the months that followed.

"She helped me bring my memory back," Robertson told FOX 8 WGHP. "It's not physically she saved my life but mentally she did."

Robertson's mother, Sheri, said "Mean" was the song that really stirred her daughter's spirit.

"I think it was the part, 'You can't take me down,' that brought me back," Charli said in April when the story was first reported. "I want to say thank you to her."

Swift is headed to North Carolina for a show tonight after performing Tuesday in Lexington.

Watch the report above.

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