Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke and former NYPD detective Bo Dietl joined Sean Hannity tonight to react to the death of NYPD Officer Randolph Holder, who was shot and killed while chasing a gunman during a gang battle in Harlem.

Dietl noted the diversity of the NYPD and said it's not cops vs. African Americans or Hispanics or any group.

"It's cops against the criminals," Dietl said. "A cop is not black, white, Asian or Spanish. He's a police officer."

Clarke noted that Officer Holder's killer had been arrested at least 15 times and was back on the street due to a program made to shrink the prison population.

He slammed the liberals' "get out of jail free" policy, as it releases thousands of dangerous criminals onto the streets of our country.

"They fail to understand that these creeps graduate to felonious conduct. They don’t start with felonious conduct, they graduate," Clarke said. "So they want to term this as a low-level offender. How do you go from stealing a bike to murdering a police officer? It happens over time."

"We have got to put our foot down, and we have got to start pushing back aggressively on this mass prison release back into our communities of these criminals."

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