Pete Hegseth said on "The Kelly File" that Donald Trump and Joe Biden are playing politics with war and flip-flopping on foreign policy.

He pointed out that Trump said he thought the war in Afghanistan was a mistake, then said it wasn't, while Biden was on record saying he told President Obama not to launch the Usama bin Laden raid, later changing his story.

"History matters, because it frames what we're going to do in the future," Hegseth said. "This is political expediency. This is rewriting history."

He said that Trump in particular is changing his position and falling into the narrative of the left.

He noted that not only has Trump repeatedly denounced the Iraq War - despite the success of the surge - but he's also now flip-flopped on Afghanistan.

"He wouldn't tear up the Iran deal and he thinks he could work with Putin. It looks a lot like Barack Obama's foreign policy," Hegseth said. "He's been good on a lot of domestic stuff, but internationally, I don't know where Donald Trump is."

"That's not clarity, that's not leadership. That's waffling back and forth on really critical issues."

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