Homecoming queen Jodie Farnetti makes history with her point after touchdown kick in West Blocton's Homecoming victory over Oak Grove 19-7.GO TIGERS!

Posted by Brian Wallace on Friday, October 16, 2015

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It's not every day you see a high school Homecoming queen kick an extra point in the big Homecoming game. 

But that's exactly what happened at West Blocton High School in Alabama

Check out the amazing moment above as senior Jodie Farnetti - whose dad is in his final season as coach - successfully kicks an extra point in the team's 19-7 victory.

Fox Sports' Clay Travis reported some details about the kick, received via email: 

The link below is to a video of Jodie Farnetti, senior, at tiny West Blocton High School in West Blocton, Alabama. Her dad, Gregg Farnetti, is the head football coach. When Jodie was in 9th grade, she told him she wanted to kick for him, and that she would by the time she was a senior (this year). He told her if she was good enough he would consider playing her. Well, he kept his word, and he let her suit up with the boys. She kicked PATs only, and went 1 for 2.


Jodie is an amazing girl. Your typical all American sweetheart. Her mom and I have been best friends for 30+ years. I graduated high school with her dad. The town of West Blocton is often made fun of for it's small town values and ways, many times referred to as Mayberry (sometimes even by those who grew up there), but I've never seen a community support the local HS football team, or really all of the athletics at that school, more than my hometown does. The support they offer to the football team is unmatched, and very evident with the crowd's reaction to Jodie's PAT.

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