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Judge Nap: 'Gut Feeling Is Hillary Will Be Charged Over Private Emails'

Judge Andrew Napolitano gave us his take this morning on how the House Benghazi Committee should handle the much-anticipated testimony of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Clinton is set to appear tomorrow to answer questions about the Benghazi attack and is also expected to face questions about her use of a private email server at that time.  

Napolitano told Martha MacCallum that if the committee does not ask the right questions, the hearing could turn into the "Hillary Clinton Show."

He said lawmakers must avoid arguing with the former First Lady or letting her "take charge" of the proceedings.

"She has a tendency to do that when the questioner is not an experienced cross-examiner," said Napolitano.

The judge believes that the committee would be better served by having experienced cross-examiners - such as Michael Chertoff or John Bolton - asking the questions.

He said that most lawmakers, with chairman Trey Gowdy being an exception, are not experienced with this and will be tempted to use their time to put forth a good "soundbite."

Napolitano suggested, for example, that lawmakers focus in on the "two-and-a-half-month gap" in the emails released by Clinton. The time period includes the day of the Benghazi attack and the following weeks.

"The committee has a lot of materials that have not yet been made public. If it addresses those materials prudently and asks her questions professionally, we will get some light and hopefully some truth tomorrow," he said. 

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