Did you know that the Bible mentions money 2,350 times? 

If you're looking for some guidance on dealing with your finances, there are actually some lessons in there that you might not have realized.

You might recall that at the Fox News GOP debate, Ben Carson said his plan for taxation would be based on tithing, in which everyone - rich and poor - would give a set portion of their earnings.

Financial expert and former pastor Chris Brown talked to "Fox and Friends" this morning about some other lessons...

Brown said the idea of contentment is the #1 characteristic of those who are successful managing their money.

He said this doesn't mean that you shouldn't be ambitious. Rather, it's important not to feel entitled or worry about purchasing the latest hot item.


Brown said this is obviously a reference to having goals so that you can leave something to your children. But he also urged parents to teach their kids about handling money. 

"This is more than just money. This is character and integrity. We want to make sure if we're passing millions of dollars to the next generation that they can handle it and they're not gonna mess it up," said Brown.


"Poor" refers to financial position, not just a person's salary, said Brown. He added that it's very hard to save, give to charity, or invest your money if you're in debt.

"Many of us are being robbed of our income because of debt and monthly payments. ... Get out of debt and stay out of debt," said Brown. 

Watch his full analysis above.