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Shocking video shows a driver appearing to swerve intentionally into a motorcyclist who was trying to pass him illegally on a Texas road, the impact sending the biker and a female passenger tumbling on the asphalt.

But perhaps most surprising was 68-year-old driver William Crum's seeming indifference when confronted by another biker who had captured it on video.

Camera man: "What were you doing? You hit them!"

Crum: "I don't care!"

Crum told Dallas' News 8 that some kind of inspect bit him in the groin area, causing him to jerk the wheel and swerve into the oncoming lane. He said he had no idea that a motorcycle was coming up behind him at the time.

In the video, he can be heard saying he was bit by a wasp.

The report said Sanders and his girlfriend were both hospitalized in the accident. The girlfriend required multiple surgeries.

Crum said that he would apologize to the girlfriend but not Sanders "because he was doing something illegal."

Hood County District Attorney’s Office charged Crum with two counts of aggravated assault. It also cited cited Sanders for passing illegally and driving with an invalid license.

Fox News legal analyst Peter Johnson Jr. said on "Fox and Friends" that if the driver swerved intentionally, then he's responsible for a felony assault and will serve jail time.

Johnson said the driver saying that he didn't care could demonstrate that there was some element of road rage and was upset that the biker was passing him illegally.

But the driver's statement that he was stung by a wasp -- which might be seen as an act of God, or sudden unexpected event -- might get him a pass in court.

Watch the analysis below.

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