Marco Rubio appeared on "Your World" today and fired back at Donald Trump's claim that he would be controlled by donor Sheldon Adelson if the casino billionaire decides to endorse him.

"If someone decides to support our candidacy, they're buying into our agenda. We're not buying into theirs," Rubio said.

The Florida senator said that the only issue he and Adelson discussed was Israel's security, which he 'd be deeply committed to regardless of who supported him.

Rubio said he's put his positions on the record, with a detailed policy agenda that's in writing and supported by his voting record.

"If people like that, they come on board and if they don't, they go with somebody else," Rubio said.

Rubio also said he went into the race knowing he was not the first choice of the "entrenched political establishment."

But he said his campaign has hit all of its fundraising targets and "will continue to build the resources to communicate our message."

Watch the full interview above.

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