Trevone Boykin is one of the best college football players in the country. 

But it's what he did before his four-touchdown performance at Iowa State that's going viral. 

Cameras caught a touching moment as Boykin met at midfield with a young Cyclones fan in a wheelchair.

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It's bigger than a game I love touching young people lives  #GodIsBigEnough

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The picture was snapped by Fort Worth Star-Telegram photographer Paul Moseley, who had gone out to midfield for the pregame coin toss. 

Boykin, one of the Horned Frogs' captains, was also there for the toss. Moseley described the interaction he caught between the Heisman Trophy contender and the young girl. 

"The TCU captains are there plus a special guest of Iowa State, a little girl in a wheelchair," he wrote on Facebook.

"They toss the coin, all the players come over to see the girl, but one player, TCU QB [Trevone] Boykin, took the time to kneel down and I hear him say 'What's your name?' I was incredibly touched. Who but a true champion does that just minutes before a big game?"

SB Nation reported that the girl's name is Abby Faber, who suffers from spastic diplegia cerebral palsy, which causes stiffness in the lower parts of her body.

She was participating in the pregame ceremony as part of the university's partnership with Blank Children's Hospital.

Watch more below, via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

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