Joseph Walsh and Kristen Bury, the father and mother of baby Chance Walsh, are now charged with first-degree murder in his death.

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WTVT's Evan Axelbank told Greta Van Susteren that Bury told investigators there was an argument between her and Walsh the morning of September 16 and that Walsh subsequently beat nine-week-old Chance to death.

Axelbank reported that Bury didn't call 911 because she didn't want to lose both the baby and Walsh.

Axelbank said that after Chance died, he was placed in his crib, where he was left to decompose for eight days.

When the smell became overwhelming, they wrapped the baby's corpse in garbage bags, placed it in a bedroom closet and later buried in a shallow grave 13 miles from their home.

Axelbank said Walsh and Bury then fled the state "to start a new life," eventually being taken into custody for child neglect as suspicions about the missing baby grew.

"Finally, according to the documents that we got today, Kristen cracked," Axelbank said. "She told deputies where baby Chance was. They dug him up, and they found him only in his diaper."

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