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An adorable video of a little boy denying eating a cupcake - despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary - is sweeping the Internet.

The hilarious clip shows the youngster - named Jack - with blue icing smeared all over his face.

"Hey Jack? Did you eat a cupcake?" his dad asks.

"No!" Jack emphatically replies.

"You sure you didn't eat a cupcake?"


"Hmm, I thought you maybe had a cupcake."


Even as his father continues to question him, Jack steadfastly, admirably sticks to his story.

The now-viral clip was posted on YouTube on October 17 by user Dave T. Koenig.

Koenig wrote, "They were giving out free blue cupcakes in honor of the New York Giants. Still not sure if my little boy managed to get himself one."

Watch the hilarious video above.

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