On "Hannity," Jeb Bush defended his brother George W. Bush from Donald Trump's 9/11 comments and blasted Trump for his recent statements on foreign policy.

Bush said that his brother did keep America safe and Trump's view of history is just wrong.

"The simple fact is when we were attacked, my brother created an environment where for 2,600 days we were safe – no one attacked us again," Bush said. "And he changed the laws, he did everything necessary, united the country, and he kept us safe."

Bush said that Trump is not a serious candidate as it relates to foreign policy.

He noted that in the last month, Trump said we should let ISIS take out Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and that we should let Russia take out ISIS.

"He was happy that Russia is in Syria. That is not in our strategic interest to allow Russia to gain influence. They’re barrel-bombing the innocents in Syria," Bush said, adding that the problem is cascading out of the region and there are millions of refugees fleeing to Europe.

"You can’t expect the Soviet Union, whose only objective is to prop up its client state Assad, to take out ISIS – that’s not they’re intention," Bush said. "And this lack of understanding of how the world works is what the problem is."

Watch the "Hannity" interview above.

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