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A Texas couple - frustrated over the nightly bedtime struggle with their five kids - designed a bed so that the whole family could sleep together. 

Elizabeth Boyce displayed the unusual bed in a now-viral Instagram, and she says that it's been a welcome addition for the family.

Boyce said she and her husband, Tom, bought two IKEA beds and turned it into one big family bed.

"I wanted to make sure each kid had a little space of their own," Boyce told ABC News. "We hung a little curtain and did little mood lighting, you know, just made it fun."

Boyce said she and her husband just go to another room when the kids, ages 1 to 11, are asleep and they want alone time.

The couple told People magazine that the idea arose out of the family doing a lot of traveling, and often having to sleep all together in a camper or small hotel room. 

Tom said that he doesn't see the bed as a "long-term solution," but that he and his wife are going to use it for as long as it works.

What are your thoughts on this unique parenting strategy?

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