In a surreal scene for New York commuters, former mayor Rudy Giuliani directed traffic around a car wreck on a local highway Thursday morning.

Giuliani and two of his associates were heading north on FDR Drive after a red-eye flight when they approached a car that had flipped on its side.

According to The New York Post, they pulled over, and Rudy started directing traffic while his associates tended to the victim. They also came to the aid of a woman struck by the overturned vehicle.

Fortunately, no one was seriously injured. But some confusion arose when the former mayor's name was mentioned in the 911 call.

A "confederation of NYPD" appeared at the scene, he told the Post, and his wife was mistakenly informed he'd been in the crash.

“I always said it was easiest being mayor when things are bad,” said Giuliani.